Personal grooming and self care for men: Improving your overall well-being

The rise and fall of the beard
The Rise and Fall of the Beard
June 20, 2017
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A great personal grooming routine can have a huge impact on your overall well-being


There was a time when it was unacceptable for men to indulge in personal grooming without being ostracised by their community. A man dedicated to personal grooming used to be a gross violator of gender roles as they were traditionally conceived, and would often be met with scorn.


Thankfully times have changed. And with the changing times has come a change in the market. Men interested in self care and grooming today have an abundance of riches to choose from, as stores stock up on a myriad different products and services catering to the different needs of male grooming, from hair care to skin care; manicures and pedicures, shaving kits to laser hair removal.

Why you should improve your personal grooming



On the most fundamental level, male grooming is beneficial because it leaves you looking better than you did before. And looking good is great, not only for your dating life, but for more high-stakes situations as well.


For example, the first televised US presidential debate, between Nixon and Kennedy, aired in 1960. Before going on air, both participants were offered to have a little makeup put on them. Nixon refused. He subscribed to the traditional concept of gender roles that did not endorse male grooming. Kennedy, on the other hand, agreed. During the debate, Nixon sweated profusely and just didn’t look as good as Kennedy. The telling blow, however, came after the debate, when the views of people who had heard it on radio were compared to the views of the television audiences. The majority of radio listeners thought that Nixon had won; but the majority of the TV audience thought that Kennedy had won! So what happened? Both sets of audiences heard the same words, the same views, the same positions on policy. Then why the discrepancy? Analysts put this discrepancy between the opinions of radio listeners and TV audiences down to the makeup that Kennedy embraced and Nixon declined. That made the difference. A little grooming can go a long way! Kennedy, of course, went on to win the election that year.


You may not be running for the highest office any time soon, but a little grooming can give you the confidence you need to shine at that job interview, or kill at that meeting. Personal grooming today is no longer seen as evidence of a man being effeminate; it is seen rather as evidence that you care.


Health and well-being


Self-grooming and self-care bring with them health benefits for both body and soul. Pedicures and manicures, exfoliating, scrubbing and moisturising, they’re not just idle rituals designed to feed nothing except our vanity. They’re essentially ways and means of cleaning our bodies in ways that cannot be accomplished by the usual methods. And cleanliness is a prerequisite not only to physical health, but to spiritual health as well. Incorporating a daily self-grooming routine into your life can also decrease stress levels, increase resiliency, and enable you to tap into higher levels of creativity and thought.



A well-groomed man is a role model, simple as that. The care for his outward appearance translates to other parts of his life. A well-groomed man connects better to his family and loved ones. And perhaps as importantly, he grants permissibility to the next generation of men to follow in his footsteps.



In our busy work day lives, one of the people we tend to neglect most often is ourselves. Personal grooming gives you a chance to treat yourself with love and care, spend a little bit extra in terms of money and time to pamper and serve the temple, which is your body. It ensures that you remain in touch with yourself, and don’t lose sight of who you are in your crowded schedule.

Basic tips to get started


Hair Care

Go to a barber you like at regular time intervals, four weeks per haircut is usually reasonable. Once the four weeks are up, make no excuses but head on down to the barber’s straight away. This regularity will not only help discipline your life, but it will ensure that you never appear too shabby.

Experiment and find the best products that work best with your hair. They don’t have to be the most expensive. They don’t have to be too fancy or complex. Just something you can easily apply on a daily level. Shampoo and conditioner are obviously musts. But when it comes to gels and wax, and other hair product, trail and error will help determine what works best.

Face Scrub

Face scrubbing with a textured face wash once a week is a great way to get the dead skin off your face. Not sure what to buy? Read this article to get a good idea of which face scrub would work best for you.


Trimming below the waist is an extremely important component of self-grooming. This is good for hygiene and also for… ahem… ornamental purposes. There are several devices available in the market specifically geared to address this need. Go for the look you like, and of course, keep the device you use to do this separate from your other paraphernalia, like razors and toothbrushes!


 Find your signature scent. And make sure it’s not after-shave. There are few things as off putting as a man whose calling card is a waft of after-shave he douses himself in every morning. Keep it subtle. Also advisable is to stick to few scents, perhaps vary them with your mood or the season, rather than buying ten different scents at random and carelessly spraying on whichever one your hand happens to reach for that morning. just wrote a great article detailing the best colognes for 2017.


Male personal grooming and self-care are positive forces in our world and thankfully they are here to stay. Don’t shy away from pampering yourself a little, showing yourself a little love. It’s not only acceptable, it’s recommended. Find out which products work best for you. Boost your work performance, confidence and social life today!

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