Male Grooming And The Changing Landscape

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Male Grooming

It is safe to say that the landscape of male grooming is changing. More and more men are continuously trying to explore new ways to look great. And while up until recently a good look was comprised of just a good pair of pants, a sharp suit and a clean-shaven beard, times have changed quite a bit.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of grooming products on the market that are specifically targeting men. The interesting thing here is that men are becoming more aware of their uses and enjoy the unique set of benefits they receive from them. Society has dictated that it is ok for women to use all kinds of self-care products, but men are usually less receptive to using these types of products, until recently that is. With times changing most men know that they have to look amazing if they want to impress their bosses or date. After all, the first impression matters and you have one opportunity at it.

        Are the tides changing in male grooming?

Although it did take some time for men to adjust to a massive shift in their daily grooming and care habits, it’s safe to say that most of them have started to enjoy the unique benefits offered by these types of products. That being said, what types of grooming products do men use at this time? According to various retail outlets, the market is now booming, and men alone are generating a lot of sales when it comes to purchasing high-end shaving creams, face wash, lotions, eye serums and so on. Companies are starting to take notice and realize that men have particular dermatological needs that need to be met. For example, manufacturers are tailoring their product lines to suit those needs by creating special lip balms for men as well as facial scrubs and even daily applied facial creams.


One thing is certain; there’s no shortage of clients. More and more men are walking into salons. In 2015, 25% of salon customers were men. Take for example The Refinery, a London-based “grooming emporium”. “The Refinery was launched to give men a comfortable place where they can enjoy hairdressing, barbering and grooming within a male environment,” says Deborah Gayle, manager.

Always look your best

Why is complete, proper male grooming so important at this time? Obviously, you have to look your best or no one will notice you. Competition is fierce everywhere you go and while attitude sells, looking amazing helps you feel good about yourself which in turn adds an extra boost of confidence. This psychological factor has led men to purchasing more grooming products. They are seeing not only the health benefits behind using such products as eye serums and day creams but the relaxation it offers. As a result, they became more and more interested in using such products.


It’s good to see that we tend to blur the line here, as proper self-care is important and integrating different products into a daily grooming routine can bring in a wide range of benefits. Hopefully, more and more men will realize that a complete grooming routine is very helpful for their health and well-being.

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