Core Value

Develop a range of products that are both simple and practical.
Hone in on the dermatological needs of men using natural ingredients.
Driving men to preserve a healthful appearance.

I worked for several years in the manufacturing sector, particularly for clinical skin care products. Being in this sector gave me behind the scenes look at the process of what it took to get a product created from beginning to end. I began to realize that most of the products coming out of our production floor where tailored for women with several that can be used by both sexes. Nothing seemed to be directed toward the male population, and lead me to wonder if such a market existed for men’s grooming products.

Research led me to the assumption that such a market did exist and one that was multiplying. I wondered why wasn’t it being promoted more and being brought to the masses?

I think that as men we have this notion that using anything more than your necessary grooming supplies is looked upon society as not being a real man. A real man by some of society’s standards is one who is rugged and rough around the edges. This belief led me to create The Lavish Gentleman. I wanted to emphasize the importance of sparking interest and engagement in making facial care a seamless integration rather than a chore.

I am a believer that men have developed a heightened awareness that looking good provides an advantage in the workplace and their personal life. My aim is for my products to help guide you there and discover confidence.