5 Grooming Tools Every Man Should Have

Male Grooming
Male Grooming And The Changing Landscape
May 22, 2017
male grooming tools

In today’s day and age women aren’t the only ones with a disposal of tools at their fingertips to look and feel good. As a man there is something invigorating about looking down at your bathroom sink and having an array of gadgets that’ll help you achieve a well-maintained look. Most of these grooming tools you probably already have and some you may not.

Grooming Tools


  1. Straight razor/Single Blade razor. Unless your one of the lucky few who maintain a baby face year round, the razor is perhaps one of the most important grooming tools in your arsenal. But I am not just talking about any old pharmacy disposable razor type. Graduating to a straight razor or single blade razor shows that you take pride in not only your shaving ritual but shows your style conscious as well. A good razor is an investment and one that will pay off in the long run because of how inexpensive razor blades are. Say good-bye to razor cartridges forever!


  1. The shaving brush is the almighty sidekick to the powerful razor discussed above. A good quality brush can make a world of a difference when shaving. It allows your shaving cream to produce a good lather and keeps things clean when applying it to your face. The job of the shaving brush is to lift the hairs and stubble, which makes for a cleaner smoother shave.


  1. More and more men are opting to grow their hair out and style it accordingly. The comb is an essential tool that helps keep that flowing mane in check but also properly distributes the oils present in the scalp and gives the natural nourishment needed for growth. The good people at askmen.com compiled a list of the type of combs in the market and each of their uses.


  1. Getting a pedicure and manicure is something that was best left for women. But now men are finding their ways to nail salons to enjoy such an experience. Getting pedicures and manicures can become an expensive habit that’s why you should have a great pair of nail clippers to keep those claws well cut and trimmed. Let’s face it, you’re a man now and biting your nails is not a way to properly care for your fingernails. Believe it or not having well-trimmed nails can make a world of a difference in your overall appearance to others. Head over to RealMenRealStyle.com and see if you’re making any of these mistakes.


  1. The electric razor helps keep facial hair clean and tidy in between those days you don’t shave. A big plus is that shaving cream and soaps are NOT required. A very versatile tool, it can reduce nicks and cuts especially when wet shaving, which is great if you have sensitive skin. Some come with multiple options that allow you to trim nose hairs, side burns and keep that stubble look going for a few extra days.


The landscape of male grooming is changing. Your daily grooming habits says a lot about you as an individual. With these five tools at your disposal there is no excuse for you not to be able to look and feel your best every day. Are these part of your arsenal? Feel like I’ve missed some? Share them in the comments.



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